Thursday, July 21, 2011

Norway Update # one

Since one week we are in Norway. Wednesday last week I meet up with Thomas and Sandra somewhere north of Hamburg to hop on the ferry in Hirtshals, Denmark later that day.

sunset in the harbor of Hirtshals, Denmark

After a 3.5h ride we left off the ramp to enter Norwegian ground.....

read more on - the blog for my next adventure!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Final Count Down

In less then than 10h I will sitting in the plane from San Francisco to Franfurt via Philadelphia. My bags a packed and I'm ready to leave - am I really? I had a pretty good time here and wanna thank all the people I met, all the people I could spent time with and all the ones who helped me out - thanks guys!
Just a week ago I was on in the middle of a 10h drive from Cali to Portland. More about that trip in the previous post. After the Oregon/Washington trip we took one day of from kayaking and relaxed on the river. Then we teamed up with Darin McQuoid again to run two laps on Slab Creek and one quick run on Kyburz. Today we went for one last time on the Upper Middle Consumes - just fun.

Jonas boofs "Lars Holbeck fall" on the UMC   Photo: David Ernst

me in "Brace with your  Face" on the UMC   Photo: Jonas Grünewald

Friday, June 24, 2011

Columbia River Gorge

As water levels a very high in California we decided to head north to the Columbia River Gorge. The crew got together in Coloma. Jonas Grünewald (GER), Tomass Marnics (LAT), Ben York (US) and myself driving all together in Darin McQuoid's van. Starting the 10h drive in the late afternoon, just after I sold my truck, kept us the days for kayaking. Shortly after hitting the road we stopped to get food.

In'n'Out is the way to go.   Photo: Ben York

Arriving at 7am at the parking lot of the trail head to Eagle Creek, we found nothing but cold weather, rain and a low flow. Nevertheless Jonas and Ben decided to give it a go. After the 3 mile hike up to Punchbowl Falls it was pretty much obvious that there is not enough water to huck Metlako. To run this 100ft (pool to pool) tall waterfall was one major goal of our trip. We will come back a few days later. Jonas and Ben gave Punchbowl a go with various success - the lines didn't look that good but the hit wasn't that hard....

Ben in Punchbowl   Photo: Jonas Grünewald

After that adventure we drove to Portland to meet up with our friend Orion. He is stoked to see us and had organized 4 extra bikes for the night. This night was the World's largest naked bikeride. A protest against the use of oil. We were part of it. Together with 13'000 other naked people we rode the bikes through Portland. It was an awesome experience and worth the drive.

The next morning we put on the Little White Salmon and river a lot of people say it is one of the worlds bests. Paddling down that river is the best way to get your own opinion about it - and so we did. There are a couple of good drops in this run.

me in one of the first drops   Photo: Ben York

Jonas in the same   Photo: Ben York

another 25ft drop   Photo: Ben York

 same drop - different view   Photo: Jonas Grünewald

 the in between stuff - a fun boof   Photo: Ben York

 Tomass is going for the sick line   Photo: Jonas Grünewald

stout 30ft Spirit Falls   Photo: Jonas Grünewald

 Jonas on the lip of Spirit Falls   Photo: Ben York

Photo: Jonas Grünewald

After we were done with our lap we mostly agreed that the run is good but nothing special. But get out there and get your own experience and make your own opinion.
From the Little White Salmon we moved on to the White Salmon. There we paddled the Farmlands and the Green Truss section. Here we had a pretty high water level which made the run fast and juicy. One of the last rapids is called Lower Zick Zack. The entrance is a river wide ledge hole. I went last, got stucked and ended up swimming. I could catch an eddy myself, but my boat with camera,.... and my paddle went down the river. After a long hike through all kinds of terrains the group reunited at the take out -  everybody and everything was fine.

  camp in the morning   Photo: Ben York

 Jonas going down Big Brother   Photo: Ben York

myself in Big Brother   Photo: Ben York

The day after we went back for a fast lap so Orion could make it to work in time. After that we drove to Metlako again just to find out that the flow was slightly lower than the attempt 3 days ago. Back to Portland to meet some other friends and hang out at the brewery where Orion is working and then back to Cali where we arrived in the early morning.
After that I had 3 more days in Cali left. The water levels are still high - but we paddle anyways.

Monday, June 6, 2011

South Merced

A couple weeks back Tomass and I did the South Merced River. Here is my write-up on it at KANUmagazin.

Tomass rippin' it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It is early June and there are only 3 more weeks left for me in California. I started this month with and awesome multiday trip down the Devils Canyon section of the Middle Feather. It was all about having fun with friends.

I also want to share this short edit from Tomass Marnics featuring South Yuba and South Merced in May 2011.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

South Branch of the Middle Fork Feather

Yesterday our crew headed out to run the South Branch of the Middle Feather. This small creek is one of most remarkable one-day kayaking adventures California has to offer.
Even though it is June 1st it is still cold and rainy out here. Thomas Marnics, Rachel Curtis, Laura Farrell and myself started early morning in Chico. We put in at a relatively high water level. We made quick progress due to Tomass memory of the run. After a short paddle in we soon arrived at the first waterfall. Here the run really begins. There while it was snowing, raining and even the sun came out for a second or two. We had really good times but decided to hike out just above 99 Problems due to the high water level and the slippery rocks which would have made the portage not only difficult but also dangerous. Well the hike out was not the best I ever did but not to bad either.
This run is a bless and I will for sure do it again.

Here is my favorite photo shot by Laura Farrell - check here blog: Living the Liquid Lifestyle

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

San Francisco layover

After three days of kayaking on 49 to Bridgeport on the South Yuba, Lavozella Creek, Pauley Creek and Slab Creek on the South American we woke up surrounded by snow. This morning Tomass Marnics and I decided to not kayak and ended up in San Francisco. Here we are waiting for the weather to change. We went out to party and had some time to relax. Tomorrow we plan to head out again to meet up with Mullet-Leif & Co.

Here another Lake Tahoe photo: